A Drawing A Day – June to pause, 2019

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Here are drawings from June 2019 until I ‘paused’ A Drawing A Day because I started properly writing my next book, in late July / early August. It seemed unlikely that I’d find time to do normal work, and family life, plus book-writing, plus drawings. (Also, since October, I’ve been sometimes making music again). So I took the drawings out of the equation.

Now, at the end of the year 2019, as I ‘tidy things up’ by adding this last-one-for-now drawings post, I see that actually it did include some interesting things and maybe I don’t want to rest it! But I have to for now, I think.

The interesting things included: various memories of places I’d been, etc; the bit where I just wanted to draw one line (in September 2018); the things about minimalism (not minimalism) / experimental music in December 2018; and the ideas related to work, and … well all of it really.

But ‘pausing’ it has certainly helped with being able to write the book without feeling like I’m totally drowning.

My A Drawing A Day project, which always acknowledged that its name was not strictly accurate, originally ran from 27 May 2004 to 25 October 2009, and during that time I did a total of 729 drawings. Since I restarted the project on 15 July 2018, I’ve added 128 new drawings. So we are up to 857 drawings. Perhaps at some point in the future, ideally prior to my death, I can do another 143 drawings, to make it a round 1,000.

(The earlier posts in the 2018-19 phase were: explanation and first batch, 2018, AugustSeptember, October-November, December-January 2019, February-April, May-June).

Total: 857 drawings since 2004.

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