A Drawing A Day restarts after 3,185-day pause

From 27 May 2004 to 25 October 2009, I did a project called A Drawing A Day, in which I — well, you can probably guess. At the top of the website it always said ‘A Drawing A Day (more or less)’, and of course, life being what it is, it was less, but over that five year period I did a total of 729 drawings.

Now, since 15 July 2018, I have started again, and the first 13 drawings appear below.

In the past, the bad bit about A Drawing A Day was the obligation to go through an overcomplicated process every few days to get the pictures online in a tidy and unified kind of way. This time, I am just going to photograph them on my phone and also upload them directly from my phone – much easier! – and the photos are not perfect and are not high-resolution, but hey, life’s too short. This’ll do.

I guess I’ll just post them like this, in batches, on the blog. So here they are.

Total: 742 drawings since 2004.
See next set of drawings (August 2018).

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