A Drawing A Day – December 2018 & January 2019

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Here are drawings from December 2018 and January. (See also: explanation and first batch, AugustSeptember, October-November).

We see again an interest in exploring how little I can do for it to still be meaningful – such as when on 5 December I did as much as you can see here and thought ‘Well, that seems sufficient’, and stopped), and in January where I seemed to continue doing not-very-much. This then seemed to surprisingly align with what I was reading about and listening to in the worlds of experimental music, such as work by Laurence Crane.

In a short essay about Crane’s music, Michael Pisaro writes: ‘This is not minimalism. It does not take justification in “less is more” or “only what is necessary”. It takes us beyond those points: it is less than necessary. It says, basically, nothing is necessary. And perhaps, also, “let’s be happy with this.”‘

Total: 815 drawings since 2004.
See next set of drawings (February to April 2019).

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