Video from ‘Making is Connecting’ Second Edition launch

On Tuesday 26 June 2018, we had a very nice launch for the Second Expanded Edition of ‘Making is Connecting’ at Artscape Sandbox in Toronto. I enjoyed meeting a diverse range of people from the area who came to see what this ‘Making is Connecting’ thing is about.

It included a talk and a Q&A. Here [below] is a video of the talk, which is 33 minutes. This includes:

(00.00—05.56): Introductory stuff and some amusing Tweets
(05.56—12.15): Core points of the book
(12.15—14.34): It’s about all different kinds of making
(14.34—19.14): The internet is still amazing
(19.14—19.50): The value of a culture made by us
(19.50—21.51): Diversity of practices, and of people, in the worlds of creativity and making
(21.51—23.17): Networks of scaffolded inspiration
(23.17—24.35): Combining the best of individuals and communities/collaborations
(24.35—31.07): On painting and music
(31.07—33.47): We can still do everything

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