Creativity Everything podcast launched!

I’m delighted that we are today launching the Creativity Everything podcast! It’s an obvious idea . . . but that’s not going to stop us!

It’s something I had thought about for a while, and then last fall I was meeting with Camille Favreau, who was the person who had loved the Creativity Everything #FreeSchool so much that she kept skipping work to come to all the sessions. She was looking for new ways to stimulate her creativity and I asked if she’d like to be responsible for the Creativity Everything podcast. She said yes and so . . . after a few months of preparation and recording, here it is!

We were really fortunate to speak with some absolutely brilliant guests – it’s so nice to launch with episodes with Naomi Skwarna, the fascinating writer, artist, actor and maker; and Jodianne Beckford, the wonderful creator of The E Project podcast, photographer and very inspiring person; and coming up in two weeks, Alia Youssef, amazing creator of The Sisters Project. Plus several more to follow!

The main guide to our podcast episodes is at

The direct links to podcast platforms are: Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Google Podcasts, or listen on the web at Anchor (which also links to further podcast platforms if you don’t like any of those ones).

Camille has done great interviews, and I appear at certain points in the series to participate in the discussion too.

We do hope you enjoy it, and, ideally, tell your friends!

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