Conversation with Justine Woods and Francisco-Fernando Granados on practice-based research

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I have collaborated with the brilliant PhD students Justine Woods and Francisco-Fernando Granados, to produce an article called “Reframing, embodying, and in-betweening: A conversation about experiences of doing practice-based research and research-creation” which you can download here.

As it says in the title, it’s a conversation – about experiences of doing practice-based research – between the three of us, and therefore is hopefully readable and engaging.

It will be published in a special issue of the journal Scene, on practice-based research, later in 2024. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the editors, Natalie Álvarez and Gregory Sporton, for inviting us to write it, and the journal for allowing us to put this ‘preprint’ version online.

Here’s the abstract:

This article presents a conversation between one professor and two students in the PhD program at The Creative School, Toronto Metropolitan University, the first in Canada to offer a dedicated practice-based PhD opportunity to candidates from all creative disciplines. The discussion covers our own experiences of practice-based research and research-creation, and describes how this can be an extraordinarily powerful way to explore issues of identity, community, exclusion and inclusion, creativity, and human existence. We each share our individual pathways to practice-based research through the lens of garment-making, performance, and music-making, and how we have each found a place in the university to explore ideas and research through these mediums. We consider our experiences of making, doing and thinking about practice, and what this means as an impactful and transformational source of knowledge.

Justine and F-F say all kinds of interesting things in here, and I’m sure it will be of interest to people thinking about, or starting to do, practice-based research or research-creation.

This site also contains other texts about practice-based research.

We are grateful for the publisher’s usage policy which states that “Authors may place their preprint manuscript on a non-commercial institutional repository, subject repository, archive, not-for-profit preprint repository or personal website at any time. This is not subject to an embargo.” — Good!


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