MTWMAM#4: Introvert avatar

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This is part of the series, Making Things With Makers About Making. You can read the introduction to the project, and see other items in the series.

This item is contributed by VK, from the UK. She explains:

For me, although playing with virtual life is fictional, I often characterize my imagined identity online as a representation of who I am and my passion in making things, too.

To me, making means bringing happiness to others with fun and sharing positive ideas. The wonderful social connection happens as create little corner to welcome people to my inner-personal life.

I named the avatar ‘Cafe’ because I love drinking coffee and her personality is introvert. Cafe represents me as a person who loves spending time alone to be filled with inspiration before sharing insights with others. Her dressing style is vivid to present my lifestyle as an optimistic and playful person. Although Cafe is energized by spending time alone in reading, writing and playing piano, she has prepared attractive look and small corner to socialize and share ideas with friends in personal space.

Thank you to VK for sending this in. Next you might like to look at other items in the series.

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