MTWMAM#1C: Nature in the home

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This is part of the series, Making Things With Makers About Making. You can read the introduction to the project, and see other items in the series.

This item is contributed by Yun Mi Antorini, from Denmark. She sent three things, of which this is the third (hence my numbering as #1C). By way of explanation, she quoted my questions – ‘Why do you make things? What difference does making things make?’ – and replied:

I made this decoration on top of a painting I have in my home. It’s not a fantastic, great thing. It’s made out of things I found outside my home. I made it to remind myself and my family about the changing seasons and how the colors of fall is so different from the colors of summer etc.

Making things like this enables me to include a bit of nature inside my home. It helps me remember that seasons are changing and that times passes by.

Thank you to Yun Mi for sending this in. Next you might like to look at other items in the series.

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