Toronto Maker Festival workshop

Toronto’s Maker Festival is on 7–8 July 2018 at Toronto Reference Library. The Festival “brings together Toronto’s most creative people and projects, in order to inspire openness to possibilities, a sense of active participation in shaping our world, and a yearning for a more wonder-filled tomorrow”.

Within the Festival, I’m running a workshop (for which participants need tickets) about ‘maker identities’ – to see what binds different people together as makers of all kinds.

The blurb for the workshop goes as follows:

This workshop is an opportunity to reflect on the value of making things, and what connects us as makers. In the workshop we will do this by…making things! Materials used include LEGO and other craft materials such as pipe-cleaners and play-dough!

David Gauntlett, author of Making is Connecting, worked with LEGO Serious Play for many years – a way of building in metaphors to explore people’s experiences. In this workshop we will use those principles, with a set of different craft and play materials, to represent how we feel when we are making.

The workshop is an opportunity to share ideas and feel inspired by other makers. It is not a straightforward ‘how to’ workshop and so we would recommend it for participants aged 14+.

If you’re around these parts, I’d love to see you there. Please register for the workshop – there is a small ($5) charge to cover materials.

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