New short video(s) of ‘Creativity Everything’ talk

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In my talk at the Power Plant, Toronto, on 15 November 2018, I discussed a number of things – things I’ve not said in talks/videos before – such as:

→ Creativity as an elemental force
→ The potential of an experimental culture made by everybody
→ The need to include greater diversity of people, and practices, in our conceptions of ‘making’
→ How to get beyond the present impasse and unlock greater creativity

And now I’ve turned that 50-minute talk into a much quicker 12-minute video. And for those people who don’t want a 12-minute video but might watch a shorter one, I cut out a further 5 minutes, which means we now have a 12-minute video and a 7-minute video. I can’t tell you which one is better – one of them has more stuff in it, and the other one is quicker. So that’s your choice.

Here’s the 12-minute one:

Here’s the 7-minute one:

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