Making is Connecting in Korean

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There is a translation of ‘Making is Connecting’ in Korean. I know that this is the case because I have a copy of it on my shelf, right here, sent to me via my original English-language publisher, Polity.

If I did not have a copy next to me, however, I would have no reason to believe that it exists!

I can find no reference to it anywhere online. Its publisher, Samcheolli Publishing, of Seoul, is equally invisible.

The book came out in 2011, a few months after the English edition, but I have not heard from one Korean reader.

You might wonder why I am trying to find online a book that I already have a copy of, but, you know, it would be nice to link to it from my website, or Tweet its existence to my imagined but nonexistent mass of Korean followers.

Adding to the surreal and unlikely nature of its existence is the great amount of care which seems to have gone into its production. It has extra pictures which do not appear in the English edition: see John Ruskin’s face! Witness Ivan Illich explaining something! They actually went to the trouble of adding these images.

And the start of each chapter is marked by a colour page with an illustration! Fancy!

So, if anybody reading this has read the book in Korean, please do say hello. Let me know if it’s a good translation … and if you have any Korean website links, that Google is not showing me, which illustrate the book’s actual existence. Thank you!

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