‘Your Creative Self’ workshop at Artscape Launchpad

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The new year begins nicely as we swing into Artscape Launchpad in Toronto on the evening of Thursday 9 January 2020 with a workshop called Your Creative Self.

Yes, keen-eyed viewer, I did previously teach a course at Ryerson University called Your Creative Self, and it was great. That was 12 weeks long, for Ryerson undergraduates. (Here’s three reviews of that course: “I loved Your Creative Self! It was awesome” – Meghan Myhal. “I really enjoyed it. Thank you!” – Adina Saban. “I love this class. This is my all time favourite class” – William O’Keefe).

But this is a compact everything-in-two-hours workshop, open to anyone. (Well, anyone who buys a ticket).

Most excitingly of all, it’s the first in a series where I team up with the amazing Jodianne Beckford, creator of The E Project podcast. This is going to be great.

Here’s the blurb:

This workshop will help you discover your creative identity, focus your passions, and make connections. Creative people move in and out of communities and collaborations, but the one constant is your own creative self. Everything begins with creative individuals. By knowing your creative self, and thinking about to engage with the world, you will be able to make plans that combine excitement and integrity.

You will learn:

→ How to boost your creative output by having a clear creative identity;
→ Ways to align your passions with your work and its audiences;
→ How to use inspirations – and be an inspiration to others;
→ How to move from creative ideas to really doing it.

Jodianne is the creator and host of the popular podcast The E Project, discussing ‘Epiphany’ moments that lead individuals to doing what they love. And David is Canada Research Chair in Creativity at Ryerson University, and the author of several books including Making is Connecting (2018).

Together we have cooked up a great workshop where you can explore, unlock and focus your creativity.


We would love to see you on Thursday! It’s 7.00-9.00pm at Artscape Launchpad, 130 Queen’s Quay East, Toronto.

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