Your Creative Self 2020 intro video + music

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In fall 2020, I’ll be teaching my favourite course, ‘Your Creative Self’, as an online thing, because of Covid-19.

At first I thought this was a disappointing situation but we’d have to just make the best of it – in other words, I was being positive, but in a bit of a sad way.

But one day, while walking Holly, the inspirational wonder-dog, I suddenly thought ‘No – what if we did it the maximum?’ – by which I mean, throw everything at it to try to make it amazing.

And to accept the online format, not as a regrettable intrusion, but as how the 2020 version of this course was always meant to be.

So, now that’s the plan. I don’t know if I will succeed. But the first step was to make an intro video. So here it is. I even made an all-new ‘Your Creative Self’ music track for it!


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