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As we all know, the Covid-19 crisis means it’s hard or impossible for creators to carry on as normal. But we can use this time to think, reflect and have conversations – well, online conversations. Maybe even make a few new plans.

So with Artscape Launchpad, I’m offering ‘Keys to Creativity’. These are weekly online conversations, on Zoom, where we focus on how to boost your creativity and your creative connections, every Wednesday at 11am. (That’s 11am Toronto time (EDT), which is 4pm for viewers in the UK, 5pm in Germany and Sweden, or … if you’re elsewhere, I’m sure you can work it out).

Each one-hour session includes some talk, some workshop exercises and some discussion. The ideas are relevant to all kinds of creative work, whether art, engineering, music, video-games, poetry or whatever you do. And because it’s an online workshop with all kinds of interesting people, we can learn from each other.

Weekly sessions:

22 April 2020 – Experimenting
Can we apply an experimental art-school kind of model to any kind of creativity?

29 April 2020 – Planning
How can we plan for creativity and take deliberate steps to increase the magic?

6 May 2020 – Connecting
What is the social meaning of creativity? What makes something powerful to others?

13 May 2020 – Sharing
How can we engage with others and get noticed?

20 May 2020 – Playing
How can we use everyday materials to generate new ideas?

27 May 2020 – Building
– How can we take things to the next level?

I hope you can join me for any or all of these free sessions. You have to register in advance, using the links above, then they email you the Zoom link and password ten minutes before it starts.

Also take a look at the Artscape Launchpad What’s On page – which includes numerous other great free online workshops!

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  1. Aoife Sadlier

    Hello there, I just want to check these sessions are at 11am Toronto time?


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