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The Black Mosaic is a great new initiative to support Black creators in the Toronto area. To be clear, this project is not a thing made by me — it’s an initiative by and for the Black community. I’m not claiming any of it! But I’m proud it’s happening, and it’s happening because I approached Mir Asoh, a student at Ryerson who I already know is an incredible Black creator, and asked if she’d like to cook up something, with funding from the Creativity Everything lab, to support local Black artists, makers and writers.

So, here’s our main blurb about it (as also appears on the Creativity Everything website):

What is this?

The Black Mosaic is a free community-based, peer-support project stemming from the Creativity Everything lab. This virtual hub is for Black people in Toronto and surrounding areas to come together and share creative works. Through bi-weekly sessions, we shall talk about, and exchange feedback on projects or ideas we are currently working on or hoping to get started — without the pressure to showcase “finished” work.

More info appears in this news article about the Black Mosaic.

How does it work?

Group Support: Through themed Zoom meetings, individuals will have the opportunity to talk about and share works-in-progress, aspirations, and frustrations, in a group setting. This is a great way to connect with other Black creatives in and around Toronto!

One-To-One Support: For those who prefer one-to-one support, they can sign up for a slot to share in a more private setting.

End Of Season Exhibition: Participants can submit audio, video or JPEG files of works in progress to be compiled in the End of Season Exhibition — which will be a virtual zine.

How do I join?

Register here to be included in the mailing list for the upcoming sessions:

Sun. Oct. 18th – Theme: Literary Arts (poetry, short stories, plays, etc.)
Sun. Nov. 1st – Theme: Visual Arts (painting, drawing, animation, collage, etc.)
* Sun. Nov. 15th – Theme: Media, film, photography
* Sun. Nov. 29th – Theme: Music (vocals, instrumentals, beats, etc.)
* Sun. Dec. 13th – End of season group art reflection activity (TBD, possibly zine-making)

All sessions are at 3.00pm. A Zoom link will be sent to all participants.

Who leads this?

Mir Asoh, a Black (Cameroonian-Malagasy) multidisciplinary artist who specializes in poetry, collage art and zine making — with the support of the Creativity Everything lab at Ryerson University, led by David Gauntlett.

For further info on the first few weeks of the project, see this news story from the FCAD website.

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