Restless EP released 24 May 2022

I have been working on this 4-track EP since March 2020, and it is very exciting that it is released today (24 May 2022) on Unfolding Records.

I love putting out new things, and before I have made books and websites, but never a music thing. I don’t like having to say what genre it’s in — do we have to have a genre? can we reinvent genres? — but here I’ve said “File under: Organic electronica / Anxious dance”.

Even better is “New music”, which doesn’t really tell you anything.

You can listen to Restless on all streaming platforms.

It is also available as a fold-out CD digipak.

The EP has been praised by some of my favourite independent artists, which is very humbling, and maybe they are just being nice, but … it’s still nice!

“This EP is really great! I love how the voices guide the listener through the tracks. And all the details and love you put into the tracks, I can really hear that! I especially love how you keep it interesting by adding new sounds or adding cool breaks, very well done.” — Panic Girl

Restless is a wonderful work. You’ve built some fantastic soundscapes here, and the way you’ve worked with text really plays with the elasticity of attention and memory in really interesting ways.” — Kalaisan Kalaichelvan

“Sounds great!” — NOPRISM

“Really enjoying this!” — Pete Astor



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