Pecha Kucha video: ‘Finding a path through creative practice’

In January 2023, for The Creative School’s ‘Rubix’ showcase of research and creative work, I did a Pecha Kucha talk – 20 slides, 20 seconds each – which I called ‘Uncomfortable creativity’ because of a particular starting-point I had in mind, which was to do with having to do a live music performance when I’d never done a live music performance.

But by the time I actually came to do the talk, I had a whole bunch of other things I wanted to talk about too, so now I’ve made a version for YouTube and I called it ‘Finding a path through creative practice’ because that’s closer to what it’s actually about.

I talk about embracing the discomfort of unfamiliar creative performance, the dissonant role for more established creators, and creativity as always a journey and not a destination. And I also sum up the real meaning of a practice-based PhD. All in less than seven minutes!

It includes things from Janelle Monáe, Kate Bush, Edward Said, and a photograph by Justine Woods, plus a very nice thing about sound as a body of water which comes from Simon Reynell who runs the record label, Another Timbre. (The written-down version of the thing about sound as a body of water appears towards the end of this extract from my book Creativity).


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