Further Creativity Conversations – mentoring and support

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In June 2020, we launched Creativity Conversations, an initiative where you can get support, advice and coaching on your creative ideas and projects.

It’s basically a Zoom call with me, David Gauntlett, Canada Research Chair in creativity (makes books, music) and Rain Senra-Francois, researcher and designer at Creativity Everything (makes graphics, art), both based at Ryerson University.

Rain and I have done quite a few of these by now. We always enjoy them, and we always learn something too! It’s a really nice thing to do.

In the new fall phase we’re offering Creativity Conversations for free, which makes it more accessible to underpaid creators, which, let’s face it, is 95 per cent of all creators. (Previously, in the summer phase, we were asking people to give a donation to Black Lives Matter Toronto. Both strategies have their merits).

The idea is that you can talk about whatever you want, in confidence. You can talk with us about creative ideas or roadblocks, how to get started, how to get noticed, planning what to do next, or anything else about the creative process.

You might be doing music, writing, digital design, jewellery, starting a record label or a fashion brand, or anything creative. We may not have all the ‘answers’ straight away, but we can help you work things out.

And you don’t need to be at any particular stage of a creative journey. You might just be starting out. That’s fine! We are here to help.

To arrange a session, please email david.gauntlett@ryerson.ca.

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