The Ambassador will see you now

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I am pleased, honoured, and, you know, perplexed to have been named as the first ever ‘Ambassador of Creativity’ to Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Sounds like a good thing to be – whatever it is.

I do know that I am to visit during ‘Creativity Week’ in November (21st-25th) and do a big talk, meet people, and work with some students.

I expect to be getting some kind of big cloak and hopefully a crown. Or at least some form of ambassadorial headgear.

Wellington has a reputation as a cool and creative place, so it will be great to see what’s happening there. I will bring them some freshly-baked European creativity, as long as I can stuff it into my suitcase and get it through customs.

Update, 1 Nov 2016: You can now see further information about these events.

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