‘Creativity’ audiobook on Spotify and Audible

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The audiobook of my ‘Creativity’ book has been doing nicely on Audible for a while, and now you can also get it on Spotify! (And all the other audiobook platforms … whatever they are).⁠

If you are an audiobook listener then … I read the whole thing for you! In my human voice! With the correct intonation on every single word! And you can take in the whole thing while also walking a dog, driving a vehicle, or eating cheese sandwiches.

In Canada, at least, on Audible you can get it for $15 (or less, depending on your plan; or as part of a free trial if you are new to Audible). On Spotify it’s $22 at the moment.⁠

Here’s the links: Audible (Canada) or Audible (USA) or Audible (UK)… and Spotify (anywhere).


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