Three conversations

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In May 2014, on three consecutive Thursdays, we posted a three-part conversation between Amy Twigger Holroyd and myself, on our respective blogs at and

The three posts in the series are #1, ‘On design, and systems’, #2, ‘On sustainability’, and #3, ‘On small steps’.

Amy is the brilliant designer, maker, writer and researcher, who founded the experimental knitwear label, Keep & Share, ten years ago. In 2013 she completed a PhD in amateur fashion making – ‘folk fashion’ – as a strategy for sustainability. Her work has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and journals, from Vogue to Fashion Theory, and in books including Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys by Kate Fletcher, The Culture of Knitting by Jo Turney, and Knitting: Fashion, Industry, Craft by Sandy Black.