729 drawings

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From 2004 to 2009, I did my A Drawing A Day project. (In fact, I restarted this project in August 2018 – see the A Drawing A Day section of this site. But this page is about the original 2004-09 phase).

Described by 2009 as ‘the increasingly inaccurately titled A Drawing A Day project’, it said at the top: ‘A drawing a day – more or less (well, less, really) – as an exercise and so maybe I get better at drawing’.

Over the five years, A Drawing A Day visited various cities, covered a somewhat disproportionate number of railway stations and coffee cups, and documented a reasonably random selection of books and ideas. It did the occasional excursion into the question of ‘what is drawing?’, and so included some things which were like the practice of drawing, but were not what everyone would recognise as drawings. Most importantly, A Drawing A Day met my not-yet wife, got married to her, and had a baby. After that point, as viewers who are parents will understand, I found it extremely difficult to fit it in, although I managed another year and three-quarters before, er, stopping.

I have occasionally wondered about acquiring the domain name 729drawings.org so that I can move it all to there, and pretend that the intention, from the start, was to generate 729 drawings.