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Media Studies 2.0, and Other Battles around the Future of Media Research

David Gauntlett

Published exclusively for Kindle, 2011. Kindle device is not required. You can download the free Kindle reading app for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android (UK apps / US apps)

“Very interesting and thought-provoking”
— John Naughton, writer for The Observer, former Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology at the Open University

“In this lovely collection, David Gauntlett raises some fundamental questions that media studies academics need to start considering urgently if they still want to be relevant in 10 or 20 years time. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, these are questions that could very well transform our discipline, and this e-book is therefore a must-read.”
— Stephen Harrington, Faculty of Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Online participatory culture means that people who were previously just consumers of media can now be much more active and engaged, producing and distributing their own creative material, as well as enjoying professional and amateur work from around the world. Has this fundamentally changed what Media Studies is all about?

The idea of ‘Media Studies 2.0’ has been the subject of intense debate since it was proposed by David Gauntlett in 2007. For the first time, Media Studies 2.0, and Other Battles around the Future of Media Research brings together the original essay alongside more recent responses and rejoinders. This Kindle book includes brand new introduction and conclusion chapters, and other previously unpublished material, as well as a lively interview where Gauntlett tackles a range of issues around creativity, participation, and social media.

David Gauntlett is Professor of Media and Communications at the University of Westminster, UK. He is the author of several books, including Creative Explorations (2007) and Making is Connecting: The social meaning of creativity, from DIY and knitting to YouTube and Web 2.0 (2011).

  1. Introduction to this Kindle book (new, 2011).
  2. Media Studies 2.0 (2007), with a new introduction and new updates (2011).
  3. Media Studies 2.0: A response (2009) from Interactions, vol. 1, no. 1.
  4. Creativity, Participation, and Connectedness: An interview with David Gauntlett from Mashup Cultures (2010) – revised, with four new questions (2011).
  5. Six Principles for Media Education (2011) from A Manifesto for Media Education.
  6. Good and Bad Times for Making and Thinking (2011).
  7. Conclusion (new, 2011).

The material which is all-new for this Kindle book is: Chapter 1; the new updates in Chapter 2; four additional questions and answers in Chapter 4; and Chapter 7.


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